Making HR the direct driver of
enterprise performance

We benchmarking worldwide International Standards

Our team of hotel management professionals with
extensive experience in top international hotel brands
and hospitality management companies will make
their hands-on knowledge and actual know-how directly
from the field at your disposal.

We Work with the Trendy Hospitality Management Knowledge

With senior instructors and top academics
of Zhejiang University, national leader in hospitality
education, and Vatel Hotel & Tourism Business School,
one of the top international hospitality schools
in the world, we put to work for you the most up-to-date
theoretical knowledge and the latest research findings.

We provide Customized and Tailor-Made Solutions

Similar problems call for different solutions
in different enterprises. We assess and analyze
your organization’s very specific needs and demands,
and tailor our approach to match your unique situation.

We Focus on Practical Implementation

Our work doesn’t end with submitting a plan to you.
We continue to closely work with you on every step
of the process throughout implementation phase until
the project is successfully concluded.

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